Technology refers to this assortment of tools that make it a lot easier to utilize, produce, exchange and manage information. Its importance on people is enormous because technology assists them to adapt to this environment. The evolution of high technology such as computer technology’s Internet and the phone has helped overcome communication challenges and bridge the gap between people around the world.

When there are benefits to the continuous growth of technology, their development has also witnessed the growth of its own destructive power as evident from the invention of weapons of all sorts. In a wider sense, technology changes societies in the progression of advanced markets, which makes life much more convenient for people who have access to such technology. However, while it proceeds to provide a far better way to a person’s day to day living, in addition, it has undesirable effects like pollution and degradation of natural assets to the fantastic drawback of Earth.

Its effect on society may also be viewed in how folks use technology along with its moral importance from society. Determined by the benefits and pitfalls of technology always arise questioning the effect of technology on the development or worsening of individual conditions. Some motions have risen to criticize its detrimental consequences on the environment and its own ways of alienating individuals.

Nonetheless, there are many others that see technology as valuable to advancement as well as the individual condition. In reality, technology has evolved to function not simply human beings but also other members of these animal species too. Technology is often regarded as an effect of science and engineering. During this time, new technology and techniques are developed by research and development.

The progress of science and technology has led to incremental advancement and disruptive technology. A good illustration of incremental growth is the slow replacement of compact disks with DVD. While tumultuous improvements are car replacement horse carriages. The growth of technology marks the substantial development of different technology in various areas, such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, and cognitive science, artificial intelligence and information technology.

The growth of technology is a consequence of current-day inventions in the diverse areas of technology. A few of those technologies combine power to get the very same targets. This is called converging technology. Convergence is the practice of blending different engineering and merging tools to be interactive and more user friendly. A good instance of this could be high technology using telephony features in addition to data expansion and movie combined capabilities.